"We want to understand their ambitions and aspirations so that we can build lasting relationships with them."

Career Mentorship

The Marketing Connection offers responsible advice, based on honesty and integrity. 

The Marketplace

The past

The world of work has altered drastically over the past decade.

No longer do employees expect to retire from a grateful organisation after thirty years of loyal service.

Nowadays, both employers and employees recognise that the relationship is worth sustaining only so long as both parties benefit. This realisation has led to a new mindset - no longer is "organisational-loyalty" a given.

Graduates entering the employment arena for the first time will find this mindset (so different from that of their parents' day) adds to the complexity of the job market.

A mentor is needed, someone who can give practical advice about the best career path to follow.
"No longer do employees expect to retire from a grateful organisation after thirty years of loyal service."

The Marketing Connection is such a 

Although many recruitment agencies focus on the needs of the Client, we strive to really get to know our Candidates.

"We want to understand their ambitions and aspirations, so that we can build lasting relationships with them."

This approach not only makes us extremely "user friendly", it also helps us build a dynamic database of the best talent in the market."
"What makes us truly different is that we mentor our Candidates' careers from graduation to retirement".


"Although it is tempting to branch into other disciplines, we have chosen instead to create a niche. This has given us a strong brand identity, and allows us to stay true to our position as market leaders," says The Marketing Connection's Michael Laffan.

Plus, because the team at The Marketing Connection has extensive experience working as marketers, they have an insider's knowledge of the industry and the issues facing candidates.

Indeed, many of our Candidates view us as their `career mentors' and regularly consult with us on issues relating to our view of prospective Clients.

These conversations are seldom about Brands, but invariably focus on who the Candidate will be working with and what that person can teach them.

This confirms that the ranking of organisations has more to do with the management team than the firm's Brands or the product categories in which it competes."

Ruth Kupritz

" We also share this insight with our Clients. Our advice to corporate organisations is to customise their `career offerings' to suit the market, and to place greater emphasis on inherent marketing skills rather than on prior experience in a product category or industry sector.

This approach contributes to continual learning and the natural expansion of the currently limited resource pool.

Also, young talent is increasingly less interested in joining large corporates with a view to a long-term career, but rather prefer a contract, where they're involved in exciting product launches and being mentored in the process."

Michael Laffan

Human Branding

Human Branding encourages Candidates to focus on their intrinsic value and uniqueness,
thereby positioning themselves more effectively against their competitors during job interviews.

" It focuses their minds and emotions on who they are, what they are capable of and what experience or skills they may be lacking. "
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