"We have chosen instead to create a niche."

About us 

The Marketing Connection recognises that integrity is the most important value when it comes to assisting job seekers.

"We believe in treating people with respect, and our honesty keeps our Candidates and Clients coming back to us.

We have genuine knowledge to share, and, based on this, we're able to give sound advice."
"We have a good reputation in the industry because we care."

Tomorrow's market - thinking outside the box!

Laffan predicts that tomorrow's working market will be even more confusing than today. "We need to start thinking outside the box - Clients in terms of hiring, and Candidates in terms of career choices.

About Clients' Company Culture

" We make it a point of telling our Candidate everything we know about the Company's culture, its strengths and weaknesses so that the individual can make an informed choice.




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