"It is our intention to remain the primary source of marketing talent within the Southern African region."

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For our Candidates

This specialisation has proved to be very effective, particularly in terms of attracting quality commercial Talent who prefer interacting with recruiters from a similar background.

Many candidates see us as career mentors and rely on us to provide them with specific information regarding the dynamics of various industries and company cultures

For our Clients

The benefit to our Clients is that we're able to provide a "one stop" sourcing solution to a specific recruitment brief, filtered from a vast database of “assessed” commercial talent.

A particularly rewarding achievement has been our ability to successfully cross-pollinate Candidates' experience from one industry to another, benefiting both Client and Candidate simultaneously.

"Our Candidates are not commodities, but individuals who have emotions, dreams and ambitions," explains Ruth Kupritz

"Our 'user-friendly' approach helps realise their aspirations while building trust-based relationships."
"We provide a one-stop sourcing solution."
One of the first recruitment firms
 in Southern Africa. 

1st in the market

The Marketing Connection was launched in 1984 as the first recruitment firm in Southern Africa focusing exclusively on Marketing, Sales-Management and Supply Chain across all industries.
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Recruitment and candidate consulting services. 

We offer a broad range of specialised recruitment and candidate consulting services. 
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