The Marketplace

The Past

The world of work has altered drastically over the past decade. No longer do employees expect to retire from a grateful organisation after thirty years of loyal service. Nowadays, both employers and employees recognise that the relationship is worth sustaining only so long as both parties benefit. This realisation has led to a new mindset - no longer is "organisational-loyalty" a given.

Graduates entering the employment arena for the first time will find this mindset (so different from that of their parents' day) adds to the complexity of the job market. A mentor is needed, someone who can give practical advice about the best career path to follow.


The Marketing Connection is just such a mentor. With 18 years experience in the recruitment industry, concentrating specifically on Marketing, Sales, Research, PR/Communication and Media, the firm is one of the best recognised names in this field.

"Although it is tempting to branch into other disciplines, we have chosen instead to create a niche. This has given us a strong brand identity, and allows us to stay true to our position as market leaders," says The Marketing Connection's Michael Laffan.

Plus, because the team at The Marketing Connection has extensive experience working as marketers, they have an insider's knowledge of the industry and the issues facing candidates.

"Although most recruitment agencies focus on the needs of the Client, we strive to really get to know our Candidates. We want to understand their ambitions and aspirations, so that we can build lasting relationships with them. This approach not only makes us extremely "user friendly", it also helps us build a dynamic database of the best talent in the market."

The Marketing Connection recognises that integrity is the most important value when it comes to assisting job seekers. "Because we're privy to industry secrets, we strive to act in our Candidates' best interests, even if it's not in our favour. We believe in treating people with respect, and our honesty keeps our Candidates and Clients coming back to us," explains Ruth Kupritz. Laffan agrees. "We have a good reputation in the industry because we care. We have genuine knowledge to share, and, based on this, we are able to give responsible, sound advice."

Mark Fraser-Grant points out that recruitment is not an easy industry - people are unpredictable beings, and their motivations change along with their situation. Recruiters therefore need to be flexible and approachable and, more than this, must bear in mind that they are dealing with people's emotions, dreams and ambitions.

This becomes especially important as working conditions become less stable. Laffan predicts that tomorrow's working market will be even more confusing than today's. "We need to start thinking outside the box - Clients in terms of hiring, and Candidates in terms of job opportunities," he says.

"We are likely to experience a people shortage next year, which means that we need to think laterally. Although there will be many people looking for jobs, not all of them will be skilled, and we can't afford to try to force square pegs into round holes." says Margi Bloemink.