Sadly, there is a dearth of good leaders in South Africa, and people often confuse leadership with management. Leadership is about vision and mentoring people. Often, the best managers are poor leaders, because they don't allow their employees to challenge them."

This is another aspect of South Africa's `new world of work' which must be challenged. The Marketing Connection seeks to do this by rejecting the traditional, `cloak and dagger' approach to recruitment, whereby Candidates were not fully informed about their prospective employees.

"We make it a point of telling the Candidate everything we know about the company's culture, its strengths and weaknesses, so that the individual can make an informed choice. This is the age of transparency, and Candidates must be empowered to make their own choices, as this will ultimately make them more effective" Laffan says.

The message is clear: today's graduates entering the working environment can no longer be assured of the stability and security experienced by their parents. The job market has become tougher, more challenging, and a great deal more exciting. It may be daunting, but, armed with an ally like The Marketing Connection, you'll be able to take it in your stride.